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Agenda and Goal Planner

An Organized Planner = An Organized Life

Have your most organized and productive year yet with the Life Book Planner

  • Are you sick and tired of feeling scattered and all over the place because your brain just can't keep up with all you have to do?

  • What would you give to feel organized, to no longer forget things and to actually get stuff done without feeling like you are working harder?

  • Imagine a life where you feel calm and stress free and you actually have time to work on your goals to so you can create the life of your dreams.

3 versions available to best suit you:


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Start your new planner at any time of year with the undated version that lets you enter the date yourself.


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Classic yearly agenda that runs from January to December. Available in English and French

Academic 2018/2019

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School year agenda that runs from August to July


With this planner you can build the life you have always dreamed of;

  • No more overwhelm from being unorganized.
  • No more forgotten birthdays, to-do's, bill payments or appointments.
  • No more simply dreaming about the goals you want accomplish, but instead planning them out and actually achieving them!
  • No more time wasted on last minute problems you could have foreseen if you had had time to make a plan.
  • No more to-do lists that simply get longer without anything ever getting crossed off.
  • Goal and project planning sections

  • Budget, Important Dates, and Master To-Do List pages

  • Monthly and weekly calendars for the entire year with space for to-do's, meals, workouts, bullet journal tracking and more

  • Extra space for your individual needs

All this now for just:


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Choose your planner:

2019 Planner 

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Undated Planner 

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Academic Planner


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Discover the agenda and goal planning system that will change your life!

Confession time:


​I had never achieved any of my goals until a few years ago.




Because I had no clear system to plan out and implement my goals, not to mention that my life was organized with a multitude calendars, agenda's and lists on random pieces of paper.


I had always found having an agenda useful and after hearing some important advice from one of my mentors I realized I needed a proper agenda that had space for ALL areas of my life, including goal planning.


The problem? I couldn't find one.


So I decided to create my own and the Life Book was born. 


I have never been more productive and organized in my life since using the Life Book! And I actually achieve my goals! 


I'm so excited for you to discover the Life Book and its unique goal planning system and for it to change your life the way it has mine. 

The key to the Life Books success is that your goal planning is in the SAME PLACE as your daily agenda. The step most people are missing is that they don't break down their goals into small steps that they schedule into their calendar. Most successful people say that they look are their goals EVERYDAY to see what they need to be doing to achieve that goal. The Life Book is set up so that you can do just that.

And the same can be said of all the other areas of your life; it needs to be all in one place so its organized and you don't forget important things. The reality is that the different areas of our lives often overlap and having separate calendars and to-do lists just makes it more likely to lose track of things. 


One glance at the current weekly calendar and you know exactly what's on your to-do list, what goal steps you need to be working on, whats for dinner, any appointments you have, the bills that need paying, your workout and anything else of importance.


So stop the madness and get your life organized so can have not only the peace of mind you deserve but more time for the important things in life.


Its time for the most organized and productive year of your life!



Creator of the Life Book Agenda and Goal Planner

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